Being a big guy, it's interesting how general topics come up when I'm eating around people.

- Being at work w/ Andrew (like Murray from FotC, or Michael from the Office) whom is sitting at the table enjoying a piece of cheesecake, on behalf of my department, in honor of the birthday's that occurred that month.

Instantly, as I begin taking a piece mentions that his diet is going to hell because of this piece of cheesecake. Then immediately informs a fellow worker that by eating this his cholesterol is going to go up and that's bad, and that he's trying to lose weight, to which another 2 fellow coworkers jump into the conversation about whether or not to have a piece of the cheesecake.

This wouldn't necessarily be weird, except that everytime I'm eating around this one coworker (we'll call him Murray), he busts out the "well, my diet's gone to hell!" line.... almost as if to say "Hey, jumbo fries, how's about you lay off the cake made of cheese?"


Then tell the dessert story from With Praise.


Maniacal Rage Podcast aka the Garrett Murray featuring Shawn Morrison Podcast


Jo Koy... awesome.


OK... so... cheesecake? Can you imagine a real cake made of cheddar or parmesean?


New game... Avalanche.

Makes no sense... let me describe it.

It's a piece of gum, like the little hard rectangular ones, ie Trident, which has the ability to jump and scale walls while trying to get away from what I can only describe as pink lemonade.

Why? What is the purpose?


Jose's comment about show title... only reason he listens


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